Thursday, November 24, 2011

A week in underwear, Day 5.... and my new friend!

I did this picture up for you just a bit early since it's posting will happen while I'm away for the Holiday with my family in RL. My pic for day five and the Holiday is this really great set from Blah that I got during the Mushroom hunt. Since sometimes I do really love to do an impromptu shot, I can't honestly remember where I tp'd to, to get the pic. I just searched Thanksgiving, nabbed one of the first places to come up and then....... walla, saw this little prim guy sitting there so I snapped a pic with him!

- What I'm Wearing - 
Feet (Even tho you can't see them in the shot): N-Core's "Feet"

Happy Holidays and Muahs!
~ LyLi

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