About Me

So... a little more about my second life then the small blurb you get with you click my profile.

- I am first and foremost.... a lover of all things art. Music, paintings, photography, sculptures and more. I love to see the creative views of others, even if it's not my own style or taste... but to be able to appreciate how their mind see's the exact same thing I'm looking at, but differently then me.

- Right up there my love of art and creativity..... is my love of my owner. There is a man, that for over a year's time, has held a special and massive piece of my heart. For several months now I've had the privilege of calling him my owner. I love him dearly and can say I am not only a better avatar, but a better human behind the screen because of him. 

- My friends and those I call family, are people so dear to me. You will see pic's of them with me from time to time here on my blog. Whether posed, random or even erotically posed. I choose to take time and really get to know a person when I let them in. In doing so..... I may not have a million friends or even admirer's, but those I call friend or family, are genuine and true in the heart. In the end, that's what matters anyway.

- Some of my likes and things that keep me busy are spending time shopping. Not randomly spending money, but literally looking around, seeing the colors, styles, shapes and textures. I can explore SL for hours, just looking at the things that people offer. It's not always clothes and fashion...... sometimes it could be tree's, flowers and even the occasional tug boat.

-- I also really enjoy making my shapes, taking the time to perfect a curve and find the right muscle tone. I'm a builder and I also enjoy photography as a Hobby. Who in SL isn't or hasn't at some point done either thing? I do love to manipulate my photos and you will rarely see a straight from SL kind of photo in my blog. Usually there has been at the very least, some minimal tweaking....... and with that, I must say adieu.  I'll leave you with a few special parting photos and I do truly hope you enjoy them.

Thank you for taking the time to find out a little bit more about me. You can feel free to leave messages, or even find me in world to ask a question. I'm always willing to try and help someone out.


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