Friday, December 23, 2011

Soooo much to say and so little time

I've been busy and admit I've avoided my blog. Who isn't busy getting ready for Christmas?

Well I've got some treats for you!

First up, I've got some new body suits available on the MP. Great for a camisk, a body suit or even to wear as a top with your favorite jeans or mini skirt!

Each one is only 99 linden and a fat pack of four colors is 249 linden. Seriously, can you beat that price?

Next up, I created some eyes to give the ladies that large, doll like appearance I'm told draws everyone on about my own.

There are so many gorgeous colors, I personally can't pick just one and I've created a fat pack at a HUGE savings to offer to all of you if you can't either.

Each set is only 99 linden and comes with two pair (veined and non veined sclera. Sclera is the white of the eye), the fat pack of 2 pairs of ten color choices at only 500 linden.

Last up but definitely not least is I've finally got that new shape on the marketplace that people have been requesting. It's more main stream, her name is Bailey and she's taller at 6'10" without shoes. Thinner, delicately curved shape; with that cupids bow pout and jaw line that makes a great contour for all those LAQ customers. The eye sockets are shaped exotically and since LAQ customers are known for loving to be able to constantly be able to change or alter their look for updated styling, I'm offering Bailey as a copy, modifiable shape.

The Bailey Shape and it's free Demo can be found in my MP store as are all the other great items I've shown you today. Please don't hesitate to leave me an in world message if you have questions or concerns. Also don't forget to check back here for more exciting updates. I'm working on a few more clothing items and possibly offering some makeup in my store and if things continue to grow, I'll be offering an inworld store for you to shop at as well as a possible vip group for great group gifts and exclusives!

Much Love and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Oh and if you didn't catch the clicky's anywhere in my previous post, you can find my marketplace store by clicking HERE <---

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