Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A week in underwear, Day 4 and my favorite store!

\What better way to round out day 4 in a week in underwear, then to go to my favorite store? Not only did I do a little light shopping, but hey, it made the title rhyme and that wasn't the only odd but cool coincidence. I started out the morning getting dressed, selecting the panties and shirt I wanted to wear, accessorizing my nails and choosing my makeup as well as selecting my hair style..... Then I was out and about to check in on some friends and a few stops at a few of my favorite places.

These pics were snapped at Sticky Fingers. I've posted quite a bit, about my love of Sticky Fingers clothing. I'm usually in fact wearing at least one thing from their store about 5 days out of the week. So up with this first pic... Since it's my week in underwear, I have to check out the lingerie display and give you all a peek at it as well.

Hair: Truth - LiLia w/ Roots in Swedish
Top: Sticky Fingers - My Knit Top in Pink
Panties: Sticky Fingers - My Light Blue Print Cotton Panties
Socks / Feet: N-Core "Feet" and "White - Pink" Socks

I'm often asked about the "shine" or "Gloss" on my lips.....

It's not a secret.... it's actually one of the most fabulous makeup's I've ever found and I wear it pretty much daily. There are options to find things with or without blush by Stasey Oller and her company Pink Acid

You can find Stasey's great makeup's including glosses, liners, freckles and blush at her store on the marketplace.

Today I'm wearing the Pink Acid Heart Throb Face Makeup, without the heart version, which comes in the pack.

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