Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ally the Shape

I knew when I started I would have to make a version much like my own shape, but taller. This is the Ally... She is proportionate to LyLeah, just taller at 6'6'" and a soft pouty lip.

Her frame being taller also needed a little more meat to the bones and some more muscle to help round her out and keep her curvaceous. I really hope you enjoy Ally! You can find a copy of this shape as well as a demo in my marketplace store -> Clicky <-

Peace, Love, Harmony and Party!

- Credits -
Skin: Pink Fuel - Elly in Chai
Hair: Truth - RiRi in Champagne
Lingerie: Insolence - Cecile Pink

Thursday, October 13, 2011

LyLeah the Shape

First out the door is my shape...... that's right! I'm going to offer the exact shape I used to wear, on the marketplace. This is a first for me, I'm a little nervous about seeing a few twins, but it happens and really, the skin and make up choices you wear are what help make you, you. Not to mention everyone has their own sense of style. My shape has since changed rather dramatically in a few ways and isn't something the general public would go for, but the basis of what it used to be, might just be right for you.

Without further ado, the LyLeah Shape.

The LyLeah Shape is available on marketplace here -> Clicky <-
and there is a demo version of the shape available for free here -> Clicky <-

I really hope you enjoy trying it and other future shapes to come. I'm currently working on a taller version with the same ratio of supple and full curves. 

Until then, peace, love, harmony and party to you all!

- Credits -
Skin: My own special little secret unless you know where to look :)

Shapes...... they're an obsession

I'm not quite certain how long it's been now, that I have been continually asked, where I've gotten my shape from. The answer is..... I made my own shape. I took weeks studying different faces, different heights, widths, breast sizes, hip sizes, leg musculature, hand and head sizes. So on and so forth, It had become an obsession to create for myself, what would be my perfect shape to where. I constantly tweaked numbers until I was, 100% satisfied with my appearance.

Having been asked so many times about where I got my shape, has led me to the idea of just how much fun it would be to help others who want a shape that reflects certain attributes they  find beautiful. Attributes such as the curve of the leg as it slides smoothly from hip to thigh, to calf. Or the fine slope of the nose and jaw line. A petite or taller build, with luscious, smooth curves and no choppy lines.

With that being said..... let the launch of Shape Obsession and my blog My SL Addictions, begin!

Peace, love, harmony and party to everyone!